Spirit of the Wild

If you wish to move more closely towards Nature and the natural intelligence she offers, then perhaps this activity is for you.

Ancient peoples and cultures knew they were dependent on the powers of Nature and that they were not apart from her. They knew how to connect with her, how to heed her warnings, how to surrender into her arms and also how to accept her gifts. It seems now that our relationships with Nature may have changed, that there may have been some dis-memberment. If this is true, is it possible and beneficial to re-member some of the age-old wisdom and practices that can enable us to move closer to her again?

Our intention on this adventure is to explore this and other questions and to step towards deepening our connections with Nature. In doing so, we also intend to embark on a journey of self-discovery, move more closely towards the heart of everything, and strengthen understanding that separation is a myth.

The work takes place over five days in forest and mountain wilderness near the stunning Sognefjord in Norway. Most of what we do will be outside, although we will make shelter overnight. We move outside of some of the hallmarks of everyday modern culture to find no mobile phone or internet signals, no fast food catering, and no global news – this is where we meet the Spirit of the Wild in whatever forms she presents to us.

Your guides have a big variety of skills and experience that will lead you over the five days and four nights through powerful engagements with the spirit of the wild. Activities are largely based on ancient methods that span across cultures and embrace principles such as all that exists is alive.

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