Restore your balance
and move towards harmony

Healing services for spiritual health

If you are feeling unfulfilled or powerless, it is possible your Spirit is low or out of balance. Work we can do together focuses on your spiritual health and can rebalance energies to enable you to take back your personal power.

You can do this work alongside medical and psychological work that might be going on for you.

I use a mixture of modern and ancient methods and techniques that come from my training and experience. These include Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Shamanism, Counselling and Teaching.

My healing service is based in Norway. Shamanic healing is also effective remotely so you can benefit from anywhere in the world.

As well as regular healing sessions I can arrange longer intensive healing and also healing retreats and shamanic training. Email me for further details.


Psychology is described as the science of mind and behaviour. My training and experience in psychology offers great opportunities to help you understand individual and social behaviour. Understanding some behaviours of ours and others can be very helpful in calming the mind and encouraging a healthy balance of perspectives.

Hypnotherapy can give gentle access to forgotten memories or information that might be useful for psychological balance and health. It is a great tool to encourage self-healing and promoting health by using the mind-body principle, that is that our mind influences the health of our body.

Shamanism is an ancient way that includes healing of the spirit. Shamanic healing is a compassionate practice that can dispel negative energies and re-introduce personal power that might have been lost for a variety of reasons. Shamanic work within my healing sessions is gentle and inobtrusive and designed to restore balance and harmony in spirit, and in life.

Counselling has many forms but, in my sessions, I tend to use it to bring out some of the stories of your life, your hopes, fears and ambitions. We all need to tell some of our stories and doing so promotes self-understanding, self-tolerance and restoration of personal power.

Teaching is used in my healing work to encourage you to learn more about yourself and who you really are. My experience in teaching helps when it is necessary to explain things in different ways and to check you have all the relevant information needed for progress after each session.

If I am hypnotized, will I lose control of my mind?

No, on the contrary, properly facilitated hypnotherapy allows you to take more control.

I have seen a video of a shaman, is your work anything like that?

I am not a shaman and would never call myself one but I use shamanic methods because they work. I don’t know what you have seen, but it is unlikely the sessions will look like that.

What is shamanism?

It is just a name given to a way of being that is linked to Nature and energies outside of ourselves, some would call such energies spirits. These energies can help to restore personal power and harmony.

I am taking medication, if I come to your sessions should I stop?

No. You must never stop taking prescribed medication unless your medical doctor directs that. You can, at any time, ask your doctor to review your medications.

If I come to your sessions, when will I notice a difference?

It is not possible to say, because there are many factors that might affect this. A great way to make progress is to believe in the work you are doing, whatever it is.

Are the sessions held in English?

I use mainly English because I still need to concentrate a lot to converse in Norwegian and I need to focus intensely on the work. You are welcome to bring an interpreter if you want, or sometimes I can arrange for one to be there. Most people find that language is not a significant barrier to the work.